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Frequently Asked Questions


How should I dispose of Bamboo Behinds nappies?

Our nappies are predominately plant-based and will be 60.5% biodegraded after just 75 days. The best method of disposal is in biodegradable bags. In fact, the paper packets that our nappies arrive in will stand up on their own once all the nappies are removed so many customers use the paper bag for disposal!

If biodegradable nappies are disposed of in plastic bags, it will drastically extend the amount of time they take to biodegrade due to the plastic bag restricting access to aerobic degradation.

Why aren’t Bamboo Behinds 100% biodegradable?

Due to the basic functional requirements of a nappy (i.e., collecting and holding liquid), all disposable nappies must contain a small amount of plastic. No disposable nappy in the world is 100% biodegradable. We are working hard to find an alternative to the small amount of plastic contained within our nappies, which is necessary to create the ultra-absorbent, leak free nappies that are Bamboo Behinds.

Why should I choose Bamboo Behinds over other eco alternatives?

We believe our nappies set themselves apart from the rest for a few key reasons: our packaging does not contain ANY plastic. Our packets are paper, and our boxes are cardboard (none of this ‘biodegradable plastic bag stuff’ – that is a myth).

Our nappies are also 100% bamboo fibre – meaning the top and back sheet of the nappies (i.e., all parts that touch skin) are made from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo. Most competitors only have one layer of bamboo fibre. On top of that Bamboo Behinds do not contain dyes, bleaches, fluoro agents, alcohol, preservatives, latex, polyvinyl chloride, phthalates, dioxins or fragrance. We have done all of this whilst remaining at a cost much lower than comparable products in the market.

How does the subscription work?

Our monthly subscription service is a super convenient and cost-effective way to ensure you never run out of nappies again. You will receive a one-month supply of nappies shipped to your door every month from the date of your first order (i.e., if you place your first order on 1 January, your next shipment will be on 1 February).  Signing up for a subscription means discounted rates and free shipping, always.  You can update your details (i.e. size, shipping address, payment details) via your account you are prompted to set up when you place your first order. You can also cancel at any time – but we doubt you’ll want to.

What certifications does Bamboo Behinds have?

We searched long and hard for a supplier than ticked all the boxes. We are Forest Stewardship Certified (i.e. our bamboo comes from sustainably managed forests), Sedex audited (our factory has been audited to ensure that it is safe, clean and equitable for the employees). Oeko-tex certified (i.e. we practice sustainable textile production) and SGS certified (our biodegradability has been independently tested by SGS).

Who are the owners of Bamboo Behinds?

Bamboo Behinds is a 100% Australian owned and operated, family run, small business based in Brisbane, QLD. We have no big shareholders and no corporate backing. When you purchase from us, you are genuinely supporting a small Australian business.

What is your refund policy?

We are yet to have an unhappy customer, but of course, if you have any issues with our products please immediately contact us at We will do our absolute best to resolve your issue, but we have a 100% money back policy if we can’t resolve the problem in a timely manner.

Have a question that we haven’t addressed here? Please email us at

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